Hip Hop Dance South Africa was established in 2006.
Hip Hop Dance South Africa is the official representative for Hip Hop International (USA). www.hiphopdancesa.com The South African Hip Hop Dance Championships' wishes to afford the opportunity to all dancers across South Africa, to perform and compete with their peers and to represent South Africa year after year on an International level. Over 1050 South African dancers have had the opportunity to travel and compete at the World Hip Hop Dance Championships in the USA in the past 9 years.

The World Hip Hop Championships, which was founded in 2002 by Hip Hop International, started with only 12 countries competing. Today it has grown to become one of the worlds' official International Hip Hop Dance Sports' events of the year, with more than 50 countries participating -www.hiphopinternational.com Hip Hop International are also the creators of MTV hit series -Randy Jackson presents ‘Americas Best Dance Crew www.hiphopinternational.com


Benefit to dancers

  • Top performing dancers will receive Provincial and SA Protea colours Medals, Trophies and bragging rights.
  • Opportunities for dancers to grow and showcase their Talents.
  • To develop local choreographic skills in order to create a high standard of dance performance in South Africa,
  • To keep the learners on positive minds at all times and away from the dangers of streets,
  • To have more of an exchange between South Africa and other countries, allowing opportunity for growth, nationally and internationally.
  • To train, develop and encourage youth from different background, previously disadvantaged communities, and give them a chance to show off their talents.



It’s the world’s most celebrated dance event. Over three thousand of the world’s best dancers come together in USA every year for the World Hip Hop Dance Championship in August, an event true to the real values of hip hop culture. Soloist, Crews and MegaCrews from over 50 nations will compete to capture the world title and International bragging rights while hip hop icons, artists and celebrities make appearances and perform.

In addition to the World Hip Hop Dance Championship, HHI’s seven-day event schedule includes the world’s top street dancers who will represent their countries in the World Battles; Breaking, Popping, Locking and All Styles. Also part of the week are panel discussions featuring respected living legends and icons of hip hop dance, the Chill Down Lounge for dancing and socializing after the evening competitions have concluded, the presentation of the Living Legend of Hip Hop Award and the Urban Moves Dance Workshops presented by the most celebrated hip hop dancers and choreographers. Above all, dancers meet others from around the world equally passionate about hip hop culture and dance.


Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Ecuador, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Zimbabwe and many more!!!

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